Hellō Claims

You include scopes in the request for the information (claims) you would like Hellō to return about the user. Unlike other providers, Hellō will always provide a value for any requested scope. Hellō will always gather user consent before releasing information to you.

When requesting multiple scopes, separate them with a space. The space will often be converted to a + when URL Encoding the parameters.

Current Scopes

Following are the scopes currently supported by Hellō. These are standard OpenID Connect scopes/claims with the exception of profile_update:

openidThis scope is a no-op, and is always returned.
If you don't want any other claims, provide just this one.
nameFull / legal name.
nicknamePreferred name.
given_nameAKA First name.
family_nameAKA Last name.
emailA verified email address. email_verified=true will always be returned.
phoneA verified phone number. phone_verified=true will always be returned.
pictureA URL to a profile picture. See FAQ 13 for details
-non-standard scopes
discordA verified Discord username and id.
githubA verified GitHub username and id.
gitlabA verified GitLab username and id.
twitterA verified Twitter username and id.
ethereumA verified ethereum address.
profile_updateThe user will be prompted to release updated profile information.
See FAQ 14 for details.

Profile Update

You can update existing claims by including the profile_update scope in your authorization request. The profile_update scope can be utilized under the following conditions:

  • You can only update a claim you have already received
  • You can only update email, phone, picture, discord, github, gitlab, twitter or ethereum

For instance, to enable a user to update their email, you set scope=openid email profile_update in your authorization request.

Other Scopes?

If you would like us to offer other scopes, let us know in our Additional Scopes Discussionopen in new window

Per the 2nd Law of Identityopen in new window, Minimal Disclosure, we recommend you not request claims that are not required until they are needed. Hellō makes it easy to send the user back to Hellō to acquire additional claims by including additional scopes in a new request.