Management APIs

Quickstart API

Quickstartopen in new window accelerates getting you up and running with Hellō.

Software supporting Hellō Quickstart redirects the browser to the the Quickstart SPA (Single Page App) passing configuration parameters for the application. You then log into Quickstart with your Hellō Wallet (creating a wallet if you don't have one) and then confirm the name of your new application or select an existing one. Quickstart then provisions or updates your application and returns the client_id your application can use with Hellō.

You can add Hellō Quickstart to a sample application, plug-in, or other software module with the web redirect API below.

Launching Quickstart

You load the Quickstart App open in new window with the following query parameters:

response_uriRequiredURI that Quickstart will redirect to with the client_id query parameter
suffixOptionalString that will be appended to the suggested name (eg: John's + suffix) for an app to be created. Defaults to "Application"
nameOptionalName of the application (suffix param is ignored if name param is provided)
tos_uriOptionalURI to the Terms of Service
pp_uriOptionalURI to the Privacy Policy
image_uriOptionalURI to the app logo
dark_image_uriOptionalURI to the dark theme app logo, which is shown if dark theme is detected in the browser
redirect_uriOptionalOne or more space separated OAuth redirect_uri values to be added to the Production Redirect URIs http:\\localhost:* and http:\\ Development Redirect URIs are enabled by default
integrationOptionalName of integration using Quickstart

An example URL with params to quickstart will look like this:
(line feeds added & URL decoded for readability)
&name=Hello World

Quickstart Response

On completion, the Quickstart app will load the response_uri with client_id query parameter set to the Hellō Client ID.

Go to Quickstart App open in new window

Admin API

This API is used by Consoleopen in new window and Quickstartopen in new window to manage Hellō Publishers & Applications. Please contact us if you would like to integrate Hellō Admin APIs into your management console.