Log in Service

Using Hellō for log in will always be free.

Monthly Active User (MAU Fee)

There will be no MAU fee.

Verified Claims

Hellō verified claims are currently free, and will continue to be free until the co-operative board decides Hellō has reached a critical mass of adoption.At that time, Hellō will charge an interchange fee of a few pennies for each new verified claim a user releases to an application. This pricing is similar to the fee Twilio charges for a verifying an email address or phone number. Early adopters of Hellō will be rewarded for signing up new-to-Hellō users to minimize or eliminate paying to use Hellō.

Hellō Business Model

The Hellō business model is to charge an interchange fee for verified claims released by the interchange. We are starting with verified email and phone, and expanding to GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as Ethereum and Solana addresses.

The mission is to be a marketplace for any verified claim a user might want to share with an application. While Hellō will acquire verified claims that are free and can be obtained by the user linking providers, vendors of verified claims can offer their claims through Hellō. Claims vendors can set the pricing for their claim, and Hellō will charge a fixed interchange fee for delivering the claim to the developer with the user's consent.