Hellō Roadmap

Below are some of the new features and functionality we are exploring to work on next.

Quickstarts / SDKs

As noted on Quickstarts, we are planning on Quickstarts and SDKs for:

  • Nuxt
  • Remix
  • SvelteKit

Let us know what else you would like to see. (opens in a new tab)

Mock Server

This would be a headless mock service and a Docker image that would return test user info or errors for end-to-end automated development testing.

App Invitations

This will be a Web App that you send your users to for them to invite other users to your app. In time, we expect the user will grant Hellō access to their address book, that will simplify the experience for users to invite others.

We are adding this functionality to the Hellō Developer Console and the Hellō Login WordPress Plug-in initially.

Delegated Access

Users will be able to delegate access to certain apps to other users.

Emergency Override

Users will be able to select two or more users that can mutually agree to "break glass" on a user's account if they are somehow incapacitated.

B2B Federation

This functionality will allow a B2B app to offer their enterprise customers SSO and directory sync using their existing Hellō integration. We will introduce claims for org and groups that can be requested by an app. Hellō will federate with Enterprises, allowing them to re-use the federation across all Hellō apps. Users will be able to select from their personal or work identities on who they want to be when logging into an app.

Hellō User Discovery

This functionality will let applications discover if a user has a Hellō Wallet, enabling the application to only offer Hellō to users that already have a Hellō Wallet, and continue offering the existing registration and log in to other users.