Authorization Request

See OpenID Connect | Auth Request for the supported standard parameters.

The Hellō Wallet supports the following extended parameter:


When Hellō does not know the user's preferred provider (new user or new browser), they are presented with a recommended list of providers to choose from, with the option to show all the other supported providers. This minimizes the risk that a new user is overwhelmed by all the available options, while still providing choice.

You can change which providers are recommended to better align with your users' preferences by passing a provider_hint query parameter in your authorization request. You add providers by providing one or more space (or + in URL) separated slugs:

You can demote a default provider by suffixing the slug with --.

Provider Defaults

PlatformDefault provider_hint values
Defaultgoogle email passkey¹
macOS/iOSapple google email passkey¹
Windowsmicrosoft google email

¹ Mobile devices where passkey is supported

Possible slug values:

  • apple
  • discord
  • email
  • ethereum
  • facebook
  • github
  • gitlab
  • google
  • line
  • mastodon
  • microsoft
  • passkey - only offered on mobile devices
  • qrcode- useful when user may be at a Kiosk and will use their phone to login
  • tumblr
  • twitch
  • twitter
  • wordpress
  • yahoo

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Authorization Response

See OpenID Connect | Auth Response for the supported standard parameters.

The Hellō Wallet supports the following extended parameters:


This parameter is part of the Hellō Auto Config process. If wildcard Development Redirect URIs (https://*) are enabled, and the supplied redirect_uri is not registered, then the Wallet will append the wildcard_domain parameter to the authorization response so that the application software can detect that it's Redirect URI is not registered, and prompt the developer to register it. The wildcard_domain is a URL that will load the Hellō Developer Console for the current Application and prompt the team member to save as a Development Redirect URI, Production Redirect URI, or cancel


Included if wildcard_domain is provided. Contains the App Name as registered at the Hellō Developer Console.