Provider Hint

When Hellō does not know the user's preferred provider (new user or new browser), they are presented with a recommended list of providers to choose from, with the option to show all the other supported providers. This minimizes the risk that a new user is overwhelmed by all the available options, while still providing choice.

If would like to change which providers are recommended to better align with your users' preferences, you can pass a provider_hint query parameter in your authorization request. You add providers by providing one or more space separated slugs:
&provider_hint=discord github

You can demote a default provider by suffixing the slug with --.

PlatformDefault provider_hint values
Defaultgoogle email passkey¹
macOS/iOSapple google email passkey¹
Windowsmicrosoft google email

¹ Mobile devices where passkey is supported

Possible slug values

apple google discord facebook github gitlab
twitch twitter tumblr mastodon microsoft line qrcode wordpress yahoo
email phone ethereum passkey

You can see how the provider_hint functionality works in the Hellō Playground